Many years in a suitcase

So today, after long debating, we finally decided to start this blog.

I used to think that travelling was for the rich, for business travelers, or for super budget backpackers.  Well I fortunately landed a job that lets me hop and skip around the globe and has made memories to last a lifetime and stories to tell my friends and grand kids that will never end.

Travelling for me has been comparable to ordering dinner at a restaurant.  Just look over the menu and ask yourself what you are craving.  Some countries I got to go to are like an appetizer, where I only got my lips wet.  Others were the main course, as I dove into culture and vacation.  Along the way, I also bumped into an incredible woman who is now my wife, to share these memories with.

My wife and I have been travelling for many years now and wanted to tell others of our stories and hopefully you will find them enjoyable.  Together we have wandered in and out of over 65 countries on 6 continents. We also hope that it helps you travel better, smarter and more frequently, because from our experience, travel, especially independently, can be one of the most liberating things you may ever do.  Please fell free to ask us about any places that aren’t necessarily chatted about here.  Perhaps they are not written about yet, or it will give us another idea of where to venture next and a future story to write upon.

We hope that over time as we recount our stories here and keep adding the details of our adventures, thus the blog name, we spark something in you that gives you the bug to take off and see what is really out there for yourself and not just to watch it on TV or read about it in a book.   Don’t be scared to get dirty, lost, and let go as you create your own shoestring.