Just one day in Perth

Always a beautiful day in the sunniest place on earth. I read articles about how Perth has over 3000 hours of sun a year and now that I am here I don’t doubt it. There is rarely a cloud in the sky, which makes for a lovely day off to go put your feet in the water.
Found out a few good things about the transit here. Any city buses that you take downtown are free. That is awesome. Also found out after I got to our first stop of Cottesloe that you can buy quite cheap transit day passes. Only $12 AUS for the day and that includes train and bus for 24 hours.
Anyway, left our hotel in Perth and took a free bus toward the center of town to have a small walk in the sun to the train station. There are so many little shops and tiny walking streets downtown and I think I will come back sometime just to aimlessly wander. Don’t miss out on London Court. A very tiny connecting street that is designed to look like old England with a bunch of cute eateries and souvenir shops.

Tiny London court Perth, Australia

Getting a ticket for the train was quite easy at the kiosks outside if you have cash or card.  Word of caution:  If you come from the States or any other county that doesn’t issue this normally, contact your credit cards before you leave to update them with a chip and PIN if you already don’t have it.  Most places internationally use this security feature so best to get it before you leave so when prompted you have one ready and won’t be stranded without money or a way to pay for things.

Once tickets were taken care of, we jumped on the train towards Fremantle and away we went.  Stepping off the train at Cottesloe is simple but you really have to get off the tracks before you can see any signs to tell you which way the beach is. Once figuring it out, it was a quick walk down the hill and the Indian Ocean opens up in front of you.
I was raised a few hours from the water and never took much notice of it as a kid when my parents would take me. Now as an adult, there is something about it that is calming and brings energy with it, so I took off my shoes and put my toes in.  Having just come from the warm waters of Costa Rica and being down under in their winter, it was a little cooler than what I was expecting.  Perhaps I am a bit spoiled by tropical water cause there were many people swimming and surfing.

That little town of Cottesloe and also in Fremantle, both have very cute strips along the water with shops and restaurants.  So we sat down on the water to enjoy some lunch.  Seafood can’t get much fresher when the it is taken right from the waters beside to your plate.

Seaside lunch at Indiana Cottesloe Beach

Western Australia reminds me so far of west coast America.  Chill, laid back and relaxing.  We quickly hoped back on the trains that took us into downtown Perth and had some dinner at one of the many eateries that are in the area.  I would definitely recommend heading to the Murray street mall area.  There is a tiny small street across from Nespresso that had many yummy options, including a German beer place, some Asian cuisine and a great burger joint.  Or a bit outside downtown, Aachi Indian Cuisine had some great indian flavors for every taste bud.

My first impression of Perth was delightful and I would tell anyone if they don’t mind long flights from around the world, it is a place with welcoming people, great weather and a plethora of things to do.

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  1. Great blog and photos. Love the travel tips!

    1. Thanks a bunch Tanya!!

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