Good morning Baltimore

Well surprise, surprise.

I have been to this harbor city countless times and I guess never meandered far enough. On a recent pass thru of the city I discovered a whole new area and love for this quaint town.

As many times as I have been here, I have always thought of it being a little run down and dodgy, especially in the downtown area. The inner harbor is a cute little touristy area with a bit to do but a little overrated. This time I found if you just take a small walk east of the marina, there are a few built up neighborhoods that have a whole different vibe to them.

Once you get past the old building that is now Dick’s Last Resort and Hard Rock Café, you enter an area that is redone with great shops and hotels and places to walk around.  The first neighborhood is Little Italy, then into Harbor East and finally into marvelous Fell’s Point.

The old Broadway strip

Fell’s Point took me back to other small colonial cities in America I have been to, like Charleston SC or Savanah GA.  Cobblestone streets with leftover rail tracks embedded in them make for great strolls down any of the streets, especially on the main square along Broadway market.  The streets are lined with old brick buildings that have been done over to become little eateries, coffee shops and pubs.  I found myself just wondering and finding little ‘hole in the wall’ type places for lunch or a caffeine fix.

Cobblestone streets and old rail tracks

Getting to and from each of the neighborhoods could not be easier.  Not only are they all about a 10-15 minute walk from one to the next,  but for a different view, at numerous spots along the water there are boat services that go back and forth to give an alternate look into the vast harbor.  There are a few that just go from one dock to another and back again that are free.  There is also the Baltimore Water Taxi that for around $8 per person, will take you around the harbor to all the points unlimited all day until they stop around 5pm.

Water taxi in the harbour

Overall, Baltimore just became more of a hangout spot for me than ever before, and I have been here so many times I don’t even remember.  Thanks Baltimore!!

We get the point…

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